thank you for taking the time to dive deeper into yourself. mina’s specialty offering is interweaving guided visualization, crystal healing, reiki, and sound for a 90-minute all-encompassing session. if you are unfamiliar with these modalities, please read descriptions about them below:

reiki healing

reiki is a powerful form of energy work in which the practitioner channels a subtle, loving form of universal energy that has the capacity to assist one’s healing physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. the practitioner uses the palms of their hand and places them around the different chakras, the energy centers of the body, to bring the receiver back into balance. the receiver will most often report feeling gentle heat coming from the reiki channel’s hands, as well as different pleasant sensations. it is quite possible to be in a state where the receiver feels like he or she is in and out of consciousness, yet totally aware of what’s happening.receivers of mina’s reiki have given the feedback that they feel supported, lighter, more grounded, and at peace. they are advised to have lots of water and rest following any healing, as it shifts so much emotionally and has tremendous power.

crystal healing

crystals are a pure gateway to source energy. they are made in the perfection of all creation, and are here to offer their assistance in our growth, we can quite literally specifically program them to do what we need. each crystal has a vibration, a consciousness, and its own unique set of healing properties. in a crystal healing session, the practitioner will tune into the energy of the receiver, as well as tune into the energy of a myriad of crystal friends, being intuitively guided to place certain crystals along the body where they are needed. each session is highly individual– the practitioner may be called to speak messages that the crystals may have for the receiver, or could be verbally quiet and allow the healing to speak vibrationally. it is always a deep, powerful experience. Inevitably, reiki will be used during crystal healing sessions to, in order to further amplify and integrate the crystalline energy. receivers are advised to have lots of water and rest following any healing, as it moves so much energy and has tremendous power.

kundalini yoga & meditation

mina was trained by highly advanced spiritual teachers at yoga west 2016-2017. she underwent a life-changing program where she purged herself of many negative patterns, habits, and addictions via the powerful modality of kundalini yoga and meditation. she personally finds it to be the most influential healer of her life. kundalini consists of pranayam (breathing techniques), chanting mantras, mudras (hand placement), drishti (eye focus), asanas, and meditations. being that it has so many components locking the student’s attention in, it is one of the easiest practices to be fully engaged with the present moment. chanting is so necessary and powerful because it stimulates the hypothalamus which activates the pineal gland and pituitary gland, also known as the third eye, or the center of intuition. kundalini is deep inner-work, it can leave people feeling buzzing high with a greater sense of who they are and what they are here to do, but like any healing work, it often comes with a lot of purging. it requires consistency in order to see transformational results, but its completely worth it, as it opens up an entire realm on serendipity, mysticism, and possibility. in a one-on-one setting, the student can tell the teacher what he or she wants to work on specifically beforehand, or can leave it open and allow the session to be intuitively guided. the student can also specify whether they want a gentle session, or a physically active session with or without the yoga, as kundalini meditation is just as powerful without being too taxing the body.