“walking into mina's serene space i instantly feel relaxed. her calm but warm demeanor and soothing atmosphere instantly puts you in a place of peace. once on the table her hands seem to know just where to go. certain areas i know needed healing, opening or to be worked on are concentrated on and nurtured. i feel back in balance, grounded and super relaxed at the end of my session. always love my sessions with mina. she also takes so much time and care as she works on your body head to toe. a true healer.”

- dana v.

“mina is an exceptional energy worker. you can feel her energy just speaking with her. her presence is powerful and when she directs her energy to heal you, the power reverberates within you. both as a kundalini teacher and a reiki healer, her energy is direct, powerful, and magnetic. she will bring healing energy to whatever you are needing.”

- sam w.

“mina is a true light worker. just being around her makes you calm, she exudes peace and authenticity and being around her energy is already healing. she is a great listener and she knows how to make you feel safe. during our session she placed crystals on and around my body and the things she was saying they were for really felt true to my heart, like what she was saying was what i had been thinking i needed to work on. as soon as i got up after our session the energy was so strong i had to sit down for a while. being a healer myself i check in with my energy daily and that night it felt so clear and light. i could really tell the difference. can’t recommend her enough!”

-sofia a.