reiki level one certification

reiki level one certification


purchasing this will allow you to learn reiki level one with reiki master mina bahadori. these will only be taught privately or set-privately for the time being. this allows you to choose your own schedule. you will learn the fundamentals of channeling reiki, a universal life-force energy, loving and healing in a part of the training, you will receive a reiki session with mina so you can develop a relationship, honor its power, and clean out residual energies so you are the most clear, still channel possible. even if you have received reiki before, going in with the intention of becoming a channel yourself will change your relationship with it and help you to understand the flow of the session, as well as the benefits that it has so you can share your experiences with your family, friends or clients. you are welcome to take this course for yourself if you do not plan to offer this as a service.

please contact mina once you have purchased:

private reiki training will consist of 3 classes:

1) check in and reiki session by mina (about a 1.5 hour meeting)

2) history of reiki, meditation, logistics of giving and receiving reiki, attunement ceremony (between 2-2.5 hour meeting)

3) practical exam: giving me a reiki session to help you build confidence in your abilities and ask any questions you have. (about a 1.5 hour meeting)

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