reiki master certification

reiki master certification

400.00 600.00

*pre-requisite: reiki level one and two.

purchasing this will allow you to learn usui reiki level three and/or reiki master with reiki master mina bahadori.

reiki 3 teaches you the master symbol, while reiki master allows to to become a teacher of reiki yourself. you have the option to just take reiki 3 or also include the teaching. if you do take on reiki master teacher, they say it is part of the karma for you to teach at least one person.

right now this is only being offered privately. this allows you to choose your own schedule. you will learn the fundamentals of usui reiki level three and master. the most significant aspects of this certification is receiving the master symbols to be used during healings and passing attunements. with each level, your relationship with reiki grows deeper and your capacity to channel becomes stronger. with this certification, you will gain the ability to teach others reiki as well.

please contact me once you have purchased:

private reiki training will consist of 3 classes:

1) check in and receive reiki session by me (about a 1.5 hour meeting)

** this is only if you have never received reiki from me.

2) logistics of reiki three and the master symbols, how to pass attunements, attunement ceremony (3 hour meeting)

3) practical exam: practicing the attuenement ceremony, going over the logistics of teaching reiki. (about a 1.5 hour meeting)

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