remembering your power

date: october 20, 2019

time: 1pm-3pm

location: liberate hollywood // 6365 selma ave.

parking: lot across the street from liberate

price: $33

description: in this workshop, kri certified kundalini yoga and meditation teacher, reiki master and crystal healer mina bahadori will guide you through a deeply empowering and healing experience. this workshop will activate your solar plexus, also known as the power center, using the tools of visualization, kundalini yoga, crystal healing and sound healing. these modalities will offer you clarity, direction, inspiration, inner fire and mental focus. they will help you tap into an infinite stream of well-being and offer you the self-validation and energetic push that you need to remember your worth and how valuable your contributions are. you will leave having released immense negative energy, fear, worry and anxiety and replenishing yourself with pure positive energy, love, self-acceptance, and a remembrance of all that you really are. all of the chakras will be balanced in this purification process, for even though the concentration is on the solar plexus, all the chakras are all connected and depend on each other's balance for you to function optimally with ease, grace and self-assuredness.

the guided visualization meditation will help you actively clean out your energy channels and refill yourself with your boundless light. you will then transition to the expansive kundalini portion of this workshop which includes postures, mudras, eye focuses, mantras and powerful breathing techniques. lastly, everyone will transition onto their backs to receive supportive crystal healings charged with divine reiki as well as be bathed in the sounds of the flower of life gong and indigo alchemy bowl. the healing crystals can be programmed to manifest personal intentions, while the sound will clear the subconscious as well as help to alleviate symptoms on a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level. a majority of this workshop will be active, while the last half hour will be passive, absorbing the effects of all inner work you put forth and allowing deep cleansing and integration to take place.

please arrive before 1pm so we can start on time. we recommend parking in a $10 lot for your own convenience. there are several in the area, including one directly across the street from liberate hollywood.

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new moon in scorpio: energy vortex on venice beach

date: october 27

time: 6pm-7:15pm

location: please meet by the water off ocean front walk and rose ave.

parking: we suggest parking a couple blocks away and walking over. please give yourself plenty of time to park and walk on the beach close to the water stress free.

description: please join reiki master selen chandradev and reiki master/ kundalini yoga and meditation teacher mina bahadori in a powerful meditative healing journey for the new moon in scorpio. together we will witness a beautiful sunset and move heaps of energy. this is a donation based event. pay what you can as an energy exchange. it will be chilly by the close of the event, so we suggest dressing cozy, bringing something to lay on as well as a blanket to cover you.

the evening will begin with kundalini movement and breath that will help everyone to go inward and connect to their higher self. after warming up and dropping in, everyone begin absorbing the healing frequencies of reiki and sound. selen will be channeling reiki, a subtle yet powerful and loving universal life-force energy. you may feel warmth, tingliness, vibrations and dreamy sensations washing over you. reiki is its own infinite intelligence which can assist mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing. it knows what you need, even if you are not conscious of it. selen will channel reiki from a distance on the entire group, creating a vortex of energy as well as perform hands on healing wherever she is called to.

the reiki healings will be happening simultaneously as mina plays the gong. the flower of life gong is the sonic metaphor of the creative primordial sound. it will also be charged with reiki energy and its purpose is to clear the subconscious mind and realign you with your true essence. it is common for mental clutter to surface in order to clear itself out. side effects for this event include building community, deep release, peace, clarity and inner sensory awareness.

you can pay via eventbrite, venmo (@minabahadori) or cash. we appreciate your advanced registration if it is possible. drop-ins are also welcome. ***again, please arrive early to avoid stress while parking and walking over to the water. the parking lots closest to the beach are a bit high in price and hectic, so we suggest finding street/metered parking a couple blocks away and walking over to make it easy.

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surrendering to the flow

date: TBA

time: TBA

location: el portal de los feliz | 3713 lowry rd. 90027

price: $33

parking: residential

**please arrive 10 minutes early so we can start on time.

what to bring: wear layers and bring a blanket and mat.

description: please join us on this inner journey where kri certified kundalini yoga and meditation teacher, reiki master and crystal healer mina bahadori will lead a deep experience in which you will experience letting go of trying to control everything and instead aligning with divine unfolding. while she believes we do create much of our reality through our thoughts, feelings, vibration and inspired actions, it is incredibly conducive to detach from outcomes in order for the universe to surprise and delight you. there is a wildly different energy between forcing things and flowing with things. mina is not suggesting to take no action, but rather to do the work and let go of what happens next. she believes our imagination often falls short of a bigger picture that we cannot see in the moment. even things that we get that we may think we do not want are oftentimes exactly what we need to prepare us for something greater than any plans our minds could have ever constructed. our ego mind's scope is limited, thus this workshop will help us to zoom out of a linear perspective by putting in the energetic inner work to come into alignment and fully surrendering any desired outcome of any efforts to divine order. this workshop will use the modalities of guided visualization, kundalini yoga and meditation, affirmations, crystal healing and sound healing to connect you to the energy of all that is. this will allow you to release the “how” and “when” and will organically lead you to the proper divine inspiration, hints, signals, downloads and insights from the universe. we all have ideas in our minds of how things should look. this workshop will undo some of that programming, allowing your life to speak to you rather than telling your life how to be. if you'd like to come release resistance, attachment, fear, stress or worry, this is definitely for you! please arrive 10 minutes early to settle into the space. it is recommended to dress in layers. the majority of this workshop will be active, while the last bit will be passive. we hope to share time and space with you!