Manifestation Workshop in Immersive Art Loft

Date: June 13, 6:15pm-8pm

Location: 2079 E. 15th St. LA, CA 90021.

Price: $25 advance/ $30 day of.

Parking: Street


Come join us for a special evening in Laurie Shapiro’s magical art studio where Mina Bahadori will lead us in guided visualization, kundalini meditation, crystal healing and sound healing to allow us to align with our deepest intentions so that we know “what we want is for sure, and when it doesn’t matter how fast it comes, it will come faster” - Abraham Hicks.

There will be a super sweet flow between doing the work to get what we want and also giving it the time and space to take whatever form it needs to arrive in so that we create our vision or something better. Mina will teach specific warm ups, breathing techniques and meditations with powerful mantras that tap us into the receptive mode. After exerting some effort to call in what we want, we will then surrender it, coming into savasana. Mina will tune in and place intuitively chosen crystals on each person that will bring the healing each person needs to step closer into the vision of their highest selves. She will douse the whole room with reiki, high vibrational healing energy and play the gong, which will reinforce all the supportive frequencies and help clear the subconscious mind, releasing old belief systems, outdated opinions and expired versions of the self that are inconsistent with each person’s essence and creative power. Please sign up ahead of time! We will personally email you exact directions on how to come up to the space. Arrive 15 minutes early so that you can park and ground into the space. $25 advance/ $30 day of via Eventbrite. The capacity is limited so do not delay if you plan to come. Blessings xx

Mina's instagram: @mysticalmina

Laurie's instagram: @laurieshapiroart

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Workshop on Releasing Fear

Date: Wednesday June 19, 6pm-8pm

Location: Liberate Hollywood

6365 Selma Ave. LA, CA 90028

Parking: Meters, street, adjacent lot.

Price: $25 advance/ $30 day of.


Please join us for a night of inner exploration led by KRI certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and Energy Healer, Mina Bahadori. The structure of the workshop will consist of an intuitive healing meditation, kundalini yoga, ecstatic dance, spoken affirmations, energy work and a gong bath. By nature, this will be a more active workshop, so prepare to sweat a little and bring water (in a reusable container, hopefully) to support you. The energy we are primarily working with is the lower triangle — the root chakra, the sacral chakra, and the solar plexus. When these chakras are off balance they are associated with survival mode or fight or flight. The intuitive healing meditation will help move out unhelpful, dark energies and replace them with nourishing light. For the kundalini portion, we will use a lot of breath along with asanas that harmonize the mind, body and spirit, release toxicity, and empower us to step up into the next level version of us. Chanting mantra will be an essential tool that will allow us to unblock ourselves and own our voices unapologetically by entering into a state of self-hypnosis and catharsis. The ecstatic dance will allow everyone to feel free, let loose and access a state of trance and ecstasy. Then everyone will repeat intentional affirmations in the form of call and response. Finally, everyone will settle onto their backs and receive individual crystal healings embedded with reiki. We will drown out our fears, anxieties, feelings of unworthiness and scarcity with strength, grace, wisdom and power. The first half of the workshop will be invigorating yang (active) energy, making us feel embodied, powerful and alive while the last half portion of the workshop will be yin (passive) energy, bringing about balance, peace and knowledge of all that we are capable of. Together, these energies will remind us of who we truly are at the soul level — royal, worthy, abundant and divine. Please pre-register and arrive 15 minutes early to park and ground in the space.

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